Where to go Clubbing in Bangkok in 2018 ?

Well I'm an event planner and I live in Bangkok so people expect me to be able to answer that question.

And my answer is always the same and really lame: "It depends what you like"

Because it I don't know bro, what I like might not be what you like.

What's the priority for you, getting laid, have a taste of Thai nightlife, great Djs, lots of girls, cheap drinks... tell me what you want, I'll tell you where to go. 👊

So I can't tell you which one is the best club in Bangkok in 2018, but I know where I would go in each situation.

sing sing theater bangkok room

My go to: Sing Sing Theater

If there's nothing special that night, no specific request from anyone in the group, my go to club in Bangkok would definitely be Sing Sing Theater, and it’s by far the venue I recommend the most.
First, for the design and the atmosphere.
It's different from other clubs, so it helps you disconnect.
And if I got people who never been there, for me it's a must see, it's different from other clubs, in a good way.
It’s also always packed, any day of the week.
The music is always great, different DJs every nights, but never been disappointed by the music.
Sure, it’s on the high end side and a bit expensive but entrance is free and they use premium alcohol for their standard drinks.
That’s something I’m sensible to as my hangovers get worst and worst. And it can't hurt you.  😄
🐵 Tip : Book in advance if you got a large group or arrive early. Tables are ultra limited.

If I want to pick up girls : Insanity Nightclub

Probably because it’s close to a 2 girls for 1 guy ratio on any day of the week and always packed.
That gives you a lot of options.
Music is ok, service is good, I feel like the bottle service is getting more expensive with the time but at the they've also improved the quality of dancers and Djs.
So I guess, you're gonna have to deal with it.
Get a Standing table by the dance floor and let the magic happen.
🐵Tip: Get there before midnight from Sunday to Thursday and get 50% of your bottle.

If I want a "Thai Vibe": Demo or RCA

I love Levels, Insanity, Sugar and Sing Sing but I mostly go there when I got booking with MojoSons.
Sometime, I want something more Thai, with less expats and tourists.
In that case, I mostly go to RCA (Route 66 or Onyx) or Demo in Thonglor.
It use to be full of Thais only, that's less and less true but it's still way more locals than in Sukhumvit soi 11.
All clubs are great, Demo and Onyx tend to be more expensive than Route 66 but they got some of the most beautiful crowd..
Route 66 on the other side is huge and have a huge terrace, great if you're with smokers.
🐵 Tip: This clubs close at 2am, so get there early.
khaosan road neon lights

If I’m broke: Khao San Road

I don’t usually go there because I’ve lost enough days hangover from cheap buckets and also because it's about 30 minutes drive from my place, quite far for my lazy ass.
But if I had a rough day and want to get shitfaced with almost no money, I go there with 1,000THB and I know I’m gonna have enough change left to pay for the ride home and food at 7/Eleven.
You can get deals like 3 Buckets for 400฿, a tower of beer for something close to it... and Laughing Balloons.
Not for every weekend, but once in a while, it's fun.
And I must say, if you've never been there, it's something to see at least once.
the pimp bangkok girls

If I’m with high rollers: the PIMP

Because why not.
It's not for everyone, it's not for every nights.
But when it's a special night with the boys or if you got something to celebrate, the PIMP must be the best gentlemen club in Bangkok to go crazy.
It will break the bank but you're guaranteed to have fun and gorgeous company.
Read the story about my first time there if you want more details.
fayamatt bangkok levels club

So what's the best club in Bangkok?

Mate, it depends what you like, who is with you and what's more important for you that night.
All I know is Bangkok got so many options, and there's no night off here, so you'll have a good night if you're with the right people.
And if you still don't know where to go clubbing in Bangkok, drop me a message on Instagram or Facebook so I can help you figure it out.
You can also check MojoSons list of clubs in Bangkok to get some inspiration.
So now, where are you going tonight? 😈

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