Travel and Party in Bangkok

Bangkok can be really overwhelming on many things. And when you want to party in Bangkok you find yourself once again with (way too) many options.

But let's look at the bright side, you will never get bored and there's no way you can see or do it all.

Festivals, Cocktail Bars, Rooftop Bars, Night Markets, International DJ/Artists, guest bartenders, Live Bands...

You can go out every weekend to different places and still only scratch the surface of it.

And even if you manage the impossible challenge that is to see visit every parties in Bangkok, by the time you've done them all, some of the venus will have close definitely and be replaced by new concepts.

So if like me you love to party, welcome to heaven and here's my quick guide to Bangkok Nightlife.

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Is it your first time in Bangkok ?

Then there's a few things you need to know.

Here's everything you need to know to survive and a few tips to avoid the common traps:

All the tips you need for your first time in Bangkok 

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Quick Tips to get through Bangkok Nightlife

Here's the 101 to go out in Bangkok

  • 🎫 You need to be over 20 in most of the clubs, and get an ID to prove it. (Any national ID would do, driving licence, passport...)
  • 👟 No Tank Tops, no Shorts, no Flip Flops. I see a lot of people getting confused because they were staying in Khaosan Road (where most venues don't have a dress code), and they've been traveling to Thailand in cities where nobody cares how you're dressed. But Bangkok is not a beach city and not a cheap place, expect most clubs and high end bars to have a strict dress code. (And yes you can wear sneakers)
  • 🕑 Go out early, as most of the nightlife close at 2am.
  • 🚖 Don't take taxis in front of clubs/bars. Because those will most likely refuse to put on the meter. Walk a few hundred meters and stop one in the street that will put the meter for you. Or use an app like Grab (the equivalent of Uber in Asia)
  • 🤑 Bangkok is getting expensive. Again, Khaosan Road being the exception. But in other places you can easily have to spend 400฿ (12$) for a drink in a cocktail bar and 4000฿ (127$) for a bottle of Smirnoff in some clubs. So if you've got a tight budget, pick your spots carefully.
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What's the best place to party in Bangkok?

Now that we're done with the basics, let's get to the point.

In my opinion, if you're in Bangkok for only a few days and you want to see as much as you can, here's what I would pick to party :

  • 1 Club: Sing Sing Theater
  • 1 Area with more locals: RCA (Route 66 or Onyx)
  • 1 Night Market: Ratchada Night Market
  • 1 Pool Party: So Sofitel, Westin Hotel or W Hotel (the one that is on when you're there)
  • 1 Cheap Party: Khaosan Road
  • 1 Rooftop Bar: Octave at Marriott Sukhumvit Soi 57
  • 1 Cocktail Bar: Havana Social
  • 1 Red Light District: Soi Cowboy
  • 1 Gentlemen Club: The PIMP

I'm curious to know your thoughts on that. But for me if I had to recommend only 1 place in each category to friends that never been to Bangkok, that would be my selection.

Of course, you've got endless options now in each category but if you had to do only one, you can't go wrong here.


Where to find what's going in Bangkok?

That's the biggest challenge as there's so many things happening all the time.

But there's 3 websites that are really great to find out what is going in Bangkok:

  • : a bit of self promo here. We're working on bringing you an up to date list of venues and parties in Bangkok and soon Thailand. That include some tips, maps, list of bars, clubs and more...
  • BK Magazine : My go to. They review almost every bars, clubs, restaurants, cafe, you name it, in the city. They also make a post every Friday that sum up what is going on that weekend.
  • Siam2nite : they're covering most parties and clubs in Bangkok. Usually they have an up to date list of festivals, international artists, pool parties and concerts in the city.

The last 2 have Facebook and Instagram accounts that are updated daily so between those 2 you should be aware of all the main events in Bangkok.

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Where to find the best bars, clubs...?

It took me a while to figure out where are are all the main venues, about 2 years to explore most of them and I'm in this industry and an alcoholic.

Truth is, a lot of content that pop up on Google is outdated and it's hard to find a list of the actual cocktails bars, rooftop bars, clubs, gentlemen clubs, etc. as there's a ton of them that open and close all the time.

So long story short, I've made my own list, updated weekly with the last discovery from my friends, clients and search online



More recommendations to Party in Bangkok

I'm lucky to organize private parties and trips in Thailand for a living, add this to my passion for good drinks (alcoholism) and you've got a quick idea why I've been to so many places in Bangkok.

Anyway, if you're looking for more recommendation to party in Bangkok and you've got the opportunity to stay here a while, here are some of my experiences:

Let me know what you think in the comment. Tell me what's your favorite place to party in Bangkok and what sort of venues you want me to write about. 🐵

And to know more about life as an expat in Bangkok, Thailand, click here.

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