Rooftop bars in Bangkok

A great romantic sunset, a 2 for 1 happy hour, an incredible view, the perfect spot for an instagram picture...  we all got a good reason to visit a Rooftop Bar in Bangkok.

But as there’s a ton of them, it might be hard to choose if you don’t have time to try them all or not the budget.

Because a few will break your bank account, while some will be more reasonable… You just have to follow the guide.

octave rooftop bar bangkok

Octave at Marriott Sukhumvit

My favorite Rooftop Bar in Bangkok

At the top of the Marriott Hotel on Sukhumvit soi 57, is the perfect option to suit everyone.

It has 2 levels so you’re almost sure to have a spot if you arrive for the sunset.

They also have a happy hour from 5 til 7pm, buy one signature cocktail, get one free. Here’s mainly why it’s my favorite one.

I’ve seen a DJ every time I went there so I assume there’s always a resident DJ playing, and they have good snack and food options.

For me it’s the rooftop with the best value in town.

  • Prices: Around 399฿++ for a cocktail, 180฿++ for a beer.
  • Dress Code: Smart Casual, no beachwear or sportswear.
  • Website

  • Location

sky bar at lebua bangkok

Sky Bar at the State Tower

Also called the Hangover Rooftop since the Sky Bar at Lebua was featured in the Hangover 2 movie.

The Most famous Rooftop bar in Bangkok, mostly because of the moive.

Frankly, it has probably one of the best view. Incredible scenery from the 65th floor with a great view of the river. No doubt, the view is amazing.

It’s definitely worth checking out and it should be on your bucket list, but make sure you’re ready to spend about 800฿++ for a cocktail.

On top of being too classy for me with their fancy dress code and staff, it’s really overpriced.

And I’m just talking about drinks. If you want to dine there it’s on an all other level.

My tip, go there once in your life, take a few pictures and go spend your money elsewhere, Bangkok got a lot of better options.

  • Prices: $$$
  • Dress Code: No Sportswear. No flip flops. No sleeveless tops, open shoes or shorts for men.
  • Website

  • Location

vertigo and moon bar bangkok

Vertigo and Moon Bar at Banyan Tree

Here’s the one I recommend the most in the past but that I won't anymore.

I’m pretty sure it’s the highest rooftop bar in Bangkok and definitely the one with the most impressive view. Just check the photos on google maps (link below) and you’ll understand why it’s a must see.

If you're into photography or want an amazing souvenir photo, you're in the right spot.

Now if you're there for a good drink or dinner, forget about it. The cocktails are almost all over 500฿++ (it's ok, you pay for the view) but they're horrible !

Regarding the food I've had the same feedback from clients and friends, it's ok, not great, and really expensive.

And there's some really amazing restaurant in Bangkok for that price range.

My tip, go there to take some photos, grab a beer, line up, take that pic that will kill it on Instagram and get the fuck out !

  • Prices: $$$
  • Dress Code: Smart casual but no shorts, sleeveless shirts, sandals or flip flops
  • Website

  • Location


Above Eleven at Fraser Suites

Definitely not the highest but it has one of the best location and toilets.

That’s the only rooftop that has toilets with a huge window to see all around you.

As a guy it’s pretty amazing because you can pee facing the city at the urinal, not bad at all.

More seriously, this is a great spot to get the party going.

They have good food and drink options (good Mojitos too, which is rare).

And it’s only minutes away from Levels, Sugar Club and Insanity (check my favorite clubs in Bangkok here).

You can start the night there, enjoy a few drinks with a nice view and walk to the club.

Not bad when you know what the traffic is like in Sukhumvit soi 11.

  • Prices: $$
  • Dress Code: No Sportswear. No flip flops. No sleeveless tops or open shoes for men.
  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Website

  • Location

brewski bangkok craft beer sunset

Brewski at Radisson Blu

That's the perfect place if you're in for a cold one, with a great view of Bangkok in a location that isn't packed with tourist pushing to get a selfie.

It's a casual place with prices similar as the craft beer pubs but with a nice view.

I won't lie, there's nothing breathtaking about the place but it's nice and relax.

The perfect place for a drink after work or when you need a break from all the tourists attractions.

  • Prices: $$
  • Dress Code: Smart casual, no singlets, flip flops or swimwear are permitted.
  • Website

  • Location

mojjo rooftop bar lounge bangkok

Mojjo Lounge Bar at Compass SkyView

One of the most interesting Rooftop Bar in Bangkok.

Here’s one I’m dying to try out.

On top of having a great view and selection of cocktails at good price (about 500฿), they have rums, whisky and cigars!

The idea of drinking a nice Ron Zacapa 23 while smoking a cuban cigar and watching the sunset…

And at a Rooftop Bar that is called almost the same as my company ahah. That’s a Sign!

Review coming up soon!!

  • Prices: $$
  • Dress Code: Smart Casual
  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Website

  • Location

sky bar bangkok sunset

That’s a non exhaustive list of course, I’m only talking about what I know. There's a ton of other rooftop bars like

  • Cielo
  • Nest
  • Abar
  • Red Sky Bar
  • ...

If you want to dig more on Rooftop Bar in Bangkok, here’s a few links to help:


Let me know which one you've tried and what is your favorite Rooftop Bar in Bangkok in the comment !

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