Delivery is so cheap in Thailand that I often get food from Foodpanda.

And for restaurants, Eatigo is amazing. You can save up to 50% off your bill in a ton of restaurants, that's a lot of saving you can use to discover new restaurants or spend in fancy cocktails.

As for groceries, because there's no way I'm gonna carry packs of water from the shop to my home, I use either Honestbee, Tesco or Big C to deliver them to my door.


I always try to use as little apps as possible to keep my phone fast and accumulate rewards.

For hotels, is my go to everywhere I go.

I mostly use Airbnb for bookings when hotels are too expensive in the area or when I got a large group traveling with me. For example, renting a private pool villa in Pattaya for 6 people will sometime cost you less than 3 hotel rooms.


You don't need a lot of tools to stay organized when you're working online. But having powerful and simple tools backed up in the cloud can save you a ton of time.

I use Google Drive for all my documents, spreadsheet, writings and even photos and videos now.

Evernote on the other side is for quick notes and things that I need to be able to access and edit in seconds. Don't get fooled by the clean layout, there's a lot you can do with it. (Notes, scanning documents, links content from your Google Drive...)


Don't make the mistake to get the cheaper hosting you can get. Pick a competitive one like Siteground that have decent performances to start hosting your websites.

Then invest in better package or hosting when you start to get serious traffic.

The quality of your hosting and the response time of your server will impact your ranking on Google and your users experience.

Don't loose traffic.


Because I've spent a lot of time working on MojoSons brand and we offer killer content and services.

And Fizzup, because it's the best fitness app for people like me who want something as simple as possible to use and effective workout that don't take hours.

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