MojoSons Events, the crazy job of an event planner in Thailand

Back in October 2016, I teamed up with another french guy to create MojoSons Events. If you never heard of it yet, let me sum up what we do:

We put together epic parties for amazing people!

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Why We Started MojoSons?

MojoSons Events is born from a common interest in girls, alcohol, clubs, Pattaya and Bangkok Nightlife… Living the good life. All this stuff Nathan (my business partner) and me like.

You know, this things guys love. This passion that we share with Dan Bilzerian and pretty much any other guy on the planet. Hanging out with beautiful girls, VIP clubbing, Yacht Parties, private shows in Penthouses… the real life.

When that’s what you like in life, it’s either you work hard so you can enjoy it when you’re not working. Or you turn this passion into a job.

I guess you figured out which option we picked.

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What we do at MojoSons Events

We mostly organize private parties in Bangkok and Pattaya for guys, with hot Thai Models (our MojoBabes). Don’t want to take the risk of ending up with boring girls, you want to party hard with fun and gorgeous models and have a blast with your mates. Here we are.

It could be a Bachelor Party that start with private party in a suite in Bangkok and ends up at a VIP table or a Gentlemen Club. It can be a Private Pool Party in Pattaya in a large Pool Villa or maybe on a Yacht...

Our clients tell us what they got in mind, we turn it into reality for them. We proud ourselves in organizing mostly custom made events and trips that suit our guests requirements, expectations and of course, budget.


How is the business doing?

After over a year and a half running MojoSons Events, I got a lot of stories to tell. Some too good to be true, some WTF⁇, some really fucked up and of course a lot of fun ones... If you ever wondered what are the behind the scenes of our parties and what's really on going except what you see on Instagram or Facebook, read those stories.

But first I would suggest you to start with this one. That's where I explain honestly what it's like to run a business in Thailand and explain in details what we do. I had to wrote this story to explain to my mum and my friends that MojoSons Events is an actual job because nobody would believe me. 😂

In reality it's a bit more than drinking shots on fake boobs and taking pictures on a yacht in Pattaya with a bunch of crazy people. (I’m sorry people get confused 😝😝😝)

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Fun Stories MojoSons Events

This is definitely an interesting business and a turn in my career that I wasn't expecting. There's good things about going with the flow. It's not always easy or just about getting drunk and getting paid for it, it's way more than that... but for sure, that's giving me a lot of stories to share. 😎🎉

If you want to read more stories about MojoSons and have info to plan your trip/party in Thailand, check out our Blog. I’m the one writing the posts there too.

And if you want to know more about our services, check out the company website: