McGregor Vs Mayweather is coming!

I don’t care that the McGregor Vs Mayweather match will be live at 7am on a Sunday in Thailand. I’ll be there up and awake, sitting on my stool, drinking Guinness and eating chicken wings. 😆

mcgregor vs mayweather poster

Is McGregor Vs Mayweather the biggest fight ever?

Probably not! But they’ve done a really great marketing around it and McGregor have put one hell of a show during the World Tour. 🏋️‍♀️

There has been a lot of huge fights in the history and this one is only the biggest one when it comes to numbers. I can’t believe both are expected to walk out with 9 figures

It’s a money fight! 🤑 Probably not the biggest fight ever tough. 🤔


Why should you watch then? 🙃

mcgregor octagone parade

Conor McGregor

I’m ginger so I’ll be supporting him of course. 🥕

To be frank he’s the one that brought my attention to the UFC. 🥊

I knew MMA but wasn’t really into it until I heard his trash talk. Seeing him crazy excited and almost punching people during press conferences got my attention. Then, since he managed to back it up in the octagon most of the time, he gained my interest. ✊

I agree with him when he says:

“Fighting have never seen anyone like me, I’m in my own league” 🔥

Sure I don’t know much about MMA, boxing or even fighting in general. But I haven’t heard of anyone before him that destroy that many champions in different fighting styles. 🙃

Or at least I don’t know anyone that made fighting so appealing to me. 😁

Even though the trash talking and the show he puts on in every public appearance, what I like the most about the character is his confidence and his psychology. Sparing no expense or extra effort for his preparation, putting himself in danger by fighting in different styles or even different weight category. 🐵

Undoubtedly, he’s bringing something new to the table and it finally makes MMA and Fighting interesting to me and a lot of people out there. 🇮🇪

mayweather smile praying hands

Mayweather is going down

It never happened before, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen there. 😆

On the paper McGregor seems stronger. He’s also taller, have a better reach, he’s confident as fuck and have been knocking down a lot of people in the last few years. 👊

I give you that Mayweather is a boxer. He has been hit before and never went down. But he’s older now

He retired for the last 2 years so he’s not in the best shape of his life and haven’t been training as hard as McGregor for this fight. If he’s going down, it’s his arrogance that took him down. 👎

McGregor talk bullshit all the time but ain’t lazy. He’s doing everything he can to be able to knock down Mayweather. And he never lost standing up. 🙃

No matter what happen, McGregor winning by TKO is a possibility. 😆

That match opens the doors!

If McGregor wins, he’s gonna be on top of the fighting game. 👍💸🔥

Everybody will try to get a fight with to get him off his throne on MMA and Boxing. 🥊 A lot of fighter will be coming at him and hope to get a multi million deal for the fight. 💵

If Mayweather wins on the other hand, he’s in the legend at 50 – 0. ⭐

He can go back to retirement. But he’s bringing nothing new to the fight scene. 😕 He’s gonna be at the top of the boxing game long after he’s gone but it’s not gonna make it really exciting for the next years. Unless he get out of retirement again for another 9 figures fight. Not impossible.

Everything thing has been said. Enough talk!

Impatient how it will go down. I’ve been following the updates on Youtube everyday and I’m impatient to see what will happen.

Because with 2 beasts like that at least we can expect a hell of a fight. Who's gonna be the most aggressive? 🤔

Answer this Sunday morning.

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