An Unexpected story with a Ladyboy in Bangkok...

That’s quite an embarrassing one, but if I want this blog to work I better cut the bullshit.

As someone who organize parties in Thailand and have been going out a lot here… I guess this was meant to happen at some point.

I will share everything with you. Even my unexpected experience with a Thai Ladyboy. 🙈


More about Ladyboys in Thailand

Let’s talk a little bit about Ladyboys first. Or “Katoey" in Thai. 🔞

Thailand is (unfortunately) so famous for Thai Ladyboys, Gogo bars, Sexpats… As an expat living in Bangkok, I had countless discussions about this things, especially with people back home. 🙈

But I must say, talking about Ladyboys always brought some funny debates. 🤪

Between the guys that are scared to be fooled and the ones that don’t want to say they’re curious or really interested. It's fun conversation to have.

There’s also a few things to say to break misconceptions. 😞

bangkok ladyboy bar

You have little chance to be fooled by a Thai Ladyboy

Now, if like many you’re so scared about falling for a ladyboy, I got good news for you.

It’s really unlikely to happen!

First, you’ll be able to spot it most of the time. As much as 95% of the time. 😇

Usually from the first look, or maybe the second, you're able to tell if it's one.

Most of them will say openly on Tinder or other dating apps or when you meet them that they’re Ladyboys. Usually freelancers, ladyboys included, are looking for customers and money. Not for troubles. 💸

Now if you’re in a club and you’ve got a doubt, just ask. 🤗

Because, yes, you can ask! Girls in Thailand (especially in tourist areas/venues), have been asked a thousand times already. A lot even feel the need to state on their Tinder profile “I’m not a Ladyboy”. So I let you imagine how many guys asked. 🙃

Just be funny and ask it nicely (and be ready to buy her a drink if you managed to offend her!) 🍻

Now for the 5% left. The ones that can easily seduce you because they look like stunning real girls

While they will almost always tell you at some point. If they don’t, as I like to say, you have a good story to tell your friends! 😂

That’s exactly what happened to me. 🙈

Note that this hot ladyboys usually hang out in the high end venues. They’re not working as freelancers and you won’t find them in cheap clubs. The hottest ladyboys make a really good living as models, influencers… like the ones below.

tiffany international ladyboy contest
Yes, they are all Thai Ladyboys.!

What happened with this Bangkok Ladyboy

With over 2 years in Thailand, a lot of nights out in Bangkok and Pattaya, and working with MojoSons, I’ve met a lot of ladyboys. 🙈

We’ve done Ladyboy Pranks in Bangkok and Pattaya for Stag Parties. I’ve also shared a few buckets with some really unattractive ones in Khao San road.

And of course I don’t count how many times some of them grabbed my dick in Nana or Walking Street... 😆

And truth is, I usually don’t get fooled that easy. 🙃

That’s why this post is a hoax for April’s Food Day.

I knew it would get everybody’s attention and it was about time I talk about Ladyboys to answer once and for all the questions you've asked me countless times. 😂

As I’m still living in Bangkok, I’m not done meeting and probably working with some of them...  but as of April 1st 2018, nothing happened (yet) between me and a Bangkok Ladyboy. 😂

fayamatt ladyboy mojobabe bangkok
In the lift before a Ladyboy Prank in Bangkok

The truth about Ladyboys

The hidden truth behind all this Ladyboys on Tinder in Thailand, all the special bars, all the Ladyboy Freelancers… As you can guess, there’s quite a lot of people into that. 😉

I’m no one to judge what people like. If there's one place on earth where you need to have an open mind, it's Bangkok. 😇

A lot of people come to Thailand to try it or because that’s something they really like. 🔥

Why? Because, it's girl's body with 🍆, or because you can do stuff we don't imagine... Honestly, I don't know.

I had the discussion so many times and I still don’t have any answer. I guess one day I will need to have this conversation with someone who really like Ladyboys. 🤔

Where to meet Thai Ladyboys

In Thailand in general, I would say Tinder, Escorts Websites and escort apps (like Smooci Bangkok), Craigslist… 🔞

Now in Bangkok, there’s quite a few in Khaosan Road, Silom (around Patpong area), Soi 22, Soi Cowboy…

But the main hub has to be Nana Street (Sukhumvit soi 4), Nana Plaza and anywhere between Sukhumvit 4 and 11 at dawn. 📍

A few tips to spot a Ladyboy in Thailand

Now if that’s not what you’re into and you’re scared to fall in the trap, here’s a few tips to spot à Ladyboy: 

  • Their Size, especially their feet and hands: Thai Girls aren’t really tall in general, and they don’t have big feet. If she's got bigger feet than you, that’s a hint.
  • Adam’s Apple: obviously
  • Their voice, even though some of them got a really feminine voice, the vast majority sound like men.

One more trick that I don’t recommend but that usually work like a charm. Pinch them gently. 🙈

Most Ladyboys control their voice to sound more feminine.

But when you surprise them by accidentally walking on their foot or playfully pinch them, chances are they won’t control their voice and you’ll be able to hear their real voice. 🤭

bangkok ladyboy tinder
A Ladyboy on Tinder

You have any story with a Ladyboy?

Let me know in the comments, I'm curious to know what's your take on that! 😎


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