Increase Website Traffic, my first experiment with SEO

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For the last 2 months I’ve been stepping away from my executive role at MojoSons and I've started a 3 months internship with a friend to learn more about online marketing. So since May, I've been working with Antoine (founder of Axium Web) to learn more about SEO, how I can increase website traffic and  learn the basics of GoogleAds (Search and Display), Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads...

After this 2 first months working with him I got a way deeper understanding about SEO, it's history, what work today, the 20% that give 80% of the results (Pareto principle forever ❤), a blueprint and step to step guide to increase website traffic, and a list of ressources and tools to use as well as blogs and facebook groups to get SEO updates (as it’s a tool that is constantly evolving as Google updates its algorithm).

Now starting from the 1st of July, I'm gonna start to implement what I've been learning to 3 websites of mine to increase their traffic and of course, increase their revenue. My goal for the next months is to double the organic traffic of each website, each month from the previous one. That's really ambitious but I've been taught by someone who has 10 yeas experience, profitable affiliate websites running for years and a successful track records on countless clients websites. I'm not reinventing the wheel, I'm looking at what is working, and implement it on my websites.

seo boner axium web
Organic traffic from one of Axium Web client


Antoine Magnan and Axium Web: A little background story

Antoine has been working in the SEO and Online Marketing industry for over 10 years now, since he moved to Thailand. After investing countless hours and a lot of money to train himself with one of the main name in SEO, he learned a wide range of techniques from Black Hat to White Hat.

Nowadays he's SEO is focusing on White Hat techniques to build lasting results as Google is constantly getting smarter, you want to optimize your SEO but look as natural as possible to stay away from being flagged by the algorithm which could result in penaltys and completely f*#k your domain. 😏

If you want to know more about Axium Web and what he does? if you want to know why Marketing Agencies in Paris outsource their client's SEO to him or why Lamborghini California is trusting him for their GoogleAds campaign, check out his website:

Axium Web Website

How I ended up working with Antoine?

We met in 2016 through a mutual when I came to live in Thailand. Back then I was doing an internship in a company and helping them with their websites (content, SEO…) to increase the organic traffic and the number of leads.

There, Antoine first introduced me to the basics of SEO and later that year, when we started our business in Thailand, as soon as we landed our first big job, we hired Axium Web to create our website and setup our GoogleAds campaign. Best business decision ever! Now 18 months later, the campaign he setup is still landing us most of our clients at a really cost effective price. 💰💰💰

axium web cover


Website Traffic Goal: Double the traffic every month

Now with everything I've been learning with Antoine, I will follow his advises step by step to double the organic traffic (from month to month) on the 3 websites I'm working on. Each month, I will do a report on the results I've got, the methods I've used, the tools, and the money I spent (if any). 😇

To give you more context, here are information about each website:


Website 1 : the Money Site

It’s the business website, the one where the future clients land on and look for more details about the services. As of July 1st, it’s the only one that actually convert in real 💸💸💸

🚀 Main Goals

  • Double website traffic each month (from the previous one)
  • Double Leads by the end of this year
      • Reduce low quality leads
  • Rank first on service related keywords


Website 2 : the company blog

This website is gonna cover all the topics and keywords related to the business that we don’t want to talk about on the money site and some affiliate links for related services. The best performing posts/pages will then link to the corresponding service on the money site.

ex : private pool party (money site), bangkok pool party (company blog)

🚀 Main Goals

  • Double website traffic each month (from the previous one)
  • Gain authority on more generic topics
  • Generate revenue through affiliation


Website 3 : personal blog

🚀 Main Goals

  • Double website traffic each month (from the previous one)


The 3 Websites will often have keywords in the same thematic but will each compete for different keywords depending on the relevance for each website. Then I will link to related pages on the same topic on the other websites to create free backlinks.


How much will it cost to improve SEO on 3 website?

I will use different ressources every month depending on the money and time available.

In the last month before the experiment, with better inter linking between the websites and optimized anchors, I’ve doubled the traffic with almost no work, 0 new content and 0$. 🔥

Meanwhile I’ve been working with Antoine on finding all the keywords related to the thematic, organizing them in clusters and creating a new mapping for each website that is optimized to rank on the most competitive keywords with a silo structure (see Matt Diggity SEO guide for "Siloing" definition, link below). If you want to know more about that process, let me know in the comment and I'll write a detailed post about it.


Any recommendation, any question? Feel free to ask me in the comments or anywhere on social networks.


First Month : Starting with SEO Basics

Now, time to take actions and start month 1. 🐵

1st Month Goal: Double Website Traffic with 0$

Plan and actions

  • 🗺Start to implement new mapping
  • 🚀 Optimize URL structure
  • 💻On Site Optimization based on Matt Diggity SEO guide (Meta Title + Desc, Headlines…)
  • ✍New Content (Optimized to rank on Keywords of course)
  • 🔗 Building free backlinks (commenting on forums, outreach, guest posts…)


This is my first weekly report so week one is over and here's what I've done.

First, it's important to remember that it a mid-long process (6 to 12 months) so you have to commit yourself and stick to it if you want it to work. Results in SEO can be fast or really slow (especially when you decided to spend 0$) so keep working and stay focus to improve overtime, don't be impatient. (I say that for me too)


The SEO Basics

The focus this month is to correct all the previous mistakes that were made on the websites and build the right structure for the actual and content that not improve ranking and increase the traffic but also bring more business. 💰😏

Even though the main goal is to double the traffic each month and I believe it’s achievable, I won’t get too disappointed if I fall short to it. In the last 2 months I’ve been working with Axium Web we’ve built a handful of sites that are slowly starting to rank in a really (really) competitive niche. 🐒

I don’t invest all this time and cross my fingers here, I’ve seen the methods I’m using work and get some kickass results for different niches and businesses. There’s gonna be bad and good surprises on the way, but if you stay focused and consistent, you will get results. 🚀 That’s why I’m gonna prove over the next months.


Week 1 - Upgrading website content

This week, my main focus have been to remove the low quality pages and/or the one with thin content, implement the new url structure,

  • 💻Remove poor/thin content :
    1. I’ve stripped website 1 of about 20 pages that were unnecessary and taking crawl budget
  • 🌾Creating a Silo
    1. I’ve started to implement my first silo on Website 1 with 4 pages out of 8 published for now.
    2. I’m updating the content everyday and when it’s done I will share each page on the business social networks next week.
  • 🔗Add Links on front pages
    1. Rooky mistake here, some of the pages I wanted to rank were not mentioned on the front page.
    2. Website 2 & 3 had no content, only the last blog posts. Now I’ve less posts displayed and a text at the top on the page (under the header) that talk about the blog and link to internal pages.
    3. Now (finally) the links that the front pages are receiving is also impacting the ranking of the internal pages.
  • 🙃Link Building


Month 1 Report : +25%

  • Money Site +6%
  • Brand Blog +46%
  • Personal Blog +24%

A few lines to explain this results. Of course I'm falling far from the goal of 100% mainly because of this 2 reasons:

  • Lack of new valuable Backlinks (that's gonna be my main focus next month)
  • I still haven't finished the mapping of the websites.

Once the mapping is done I'm gonna build the content Silo by Silo🌾 starting by the most important Keywords for my niche.


Money Site 🤑

Only 6% progress here BUT the rankings have improved on our main Keywords, we had more business requests (+5%) and the first Silo is done and already starting to rank for important keywords. Now with the right Backlinks it should take off with no problem. 🚀

I removed some post that were ranking and some with low quality content because they had a high bounce rate and were not converting. Now focusing on building only pages or posts that target specific Keywords and help a Silo. 💪


Brand Blog 😆

No new post, only optimized the content and created a few "No Follow" Backlinks (mainly posts on Blogs).

The progression is mainly due to 2 posts making their way that made their way first page (6th for 20k monthly search and 8th for a 1.2k monthly search).


Personal Blog 🍹

Nothing special here. Only posted this SEO post and didn't even push it too much on socials. It will be interesting to see where the rankings and traffic will be going next month with the new mapping and about 4/5 new posts.

Don't plan on pushing backlinks too much as this one is not bringing $$$ yet.

Week 7

  • Speed up my wordpress websites and fixing issues highlighted in Google Insights Tool
  • Rolling out new content
  • Starting to reach out to other bloggers for collabs

Month 2 Report : +28%

Results are not great but not bad either.

New content is starting to get some traction and the structure is done on all 3 websites.

From now on, the focus will be 50% on Adding new Content and 50% in Guest Posting / Backlink Building.

But with only new content, updates on old ones, here's what I've managed to do this month:


Money Site 📌

It's a low but still steady increase.

New content have been dropped and now it's gonna require more content targeting specific low competition keywords and some backlinks to make it grow faster.


Brand Blog 🤔


A bunch of new content have been added but one well performing page took a hit and made the overall traffic decrease.

Thing is, it's gonna take a few backlinks and regular posts to  make it take off seriously.

Good news is, guests posts are planned for this month. Will see what it brings.


Personal Blog 🚀

Working on the website speed helped a lot.

It helped the best performing post move from #5 to #3 position and resulted on a great increase in traffic.

This coupled with a bunch of new content.

New content and guests posts to come this month.

SEO Tools and Resources

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools - All the websites are on the 2 tools in order to have as much data as possible from Google

Google Ads - Keywords Planner - That the main we used to find the keywords (here's a quick free guide)

Ahrefs - To Analyse Backlinks, Website Authority, Competitors Websites...  I'm using Axium Web plan (Standard Plan is 79$/month)

Serprobot - Track Keywords Ranking - 5$/month for 3o0 Keywords

Matt Digitty - Evergreen Onsite SEO Guide - Probably THE best free guide for Onsite SEO out there. His blog is gold for anyone interested in SEO

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