Getting a Tattoo in Bangkok for my birthday

One more time I had my skin itching for months and became obsessed with tattoos. With my birthday around the corner, I had the perfect excuse to get my first tattoo in Bangkok. 🤗

I remember at the beginning, when I get my first tattoo at 19 in Australia, it was only supposed to be 1. As anyone who got tattoos know, you never stop with one. 🙈

Then it was it suppose to be just my right arm, one tattoo in each country where I spent time… then I started my left arm in Amsterdam… now I got no idea where that’s gonna stop. 😇

From time to time (for me it's about once a year), you become crazy about tattoos again and start to think about it all the time. Every time you cross someone with inked you can't stop staring at their tattoos. If you got tattoo(s) already, you know that feeling. That's when it's time to start planning for the next one.

For me usually, at each big step in my life and big lesson I learn. I need to get a tattoo to remember to remember this new battle. This time it’s to keep in mind the last two years in Bangkok and the rollercoaster that it was to start my own company. 🐵

So on Friday I sent the drawing to my friends at Reminisce Tattoo on Phraya Thai and on Saturday at 1pm I was, there. But for what kind of tattoo? 🤔

fayamatt tattoo reminisce tattoo shop

What about a Thai Tattoo?

As I am in Thailand I could go for a Thai Style Tattoo, or a Sak Yant for example.

But that wasn’t really the plan. I love the Sak Yant and other traditional Thais and Buddhist Tattoos but I don’t feel like having one.

On top of that, I already got a Thai Style Tattoo inside my right arm. 💪

That was 4 years ago in Koh Phangan, when I first came to Thailand. 🇹🇭

A Lion Fu, Thai Style. That was my souvenir from my spiritual journey in Thailand. (I didn’t drink or party much during this trip, but that’s another story). ⛔

This time, I was looking for something for my left arm.

Not a souvenir from a travel, but a different style from what I already have. A special symbol that will anchor in my skin those last lessons I learn. 👁‍🗨

I thought about this drawing for the last 3 months, checked a few options the days before.

Then, with the design ready, it was time to find the right place in Bangkok. 😎

fayamatt tattoo thai style koh phangan

Best Tattoo Shop in Bangkok

There’s a ton of Tattoo Shops in Bangkok, and a lot of really good ones. 👍

It’s such a part of the culture and a big part of tourists experience that you can find hundreds of them in Bangkok and most touristic places in Thailand. 🎒

But even if most of them are really good, it's always hard to pick one.

That’s why I always go with recommendations, I ask people that have tattoo that I like where they get it and I go check the place.

I'm usually following online reviews for bars, restaurants and hotels.

But for something I'm gonna keep on my skin forever, I need more than just a good feedback.

Here are my criteria when I have to pick a Tattoo Shop :

  • A clean place
  • The Artist style that match what I want to do
  • Friendly Staff
  • The price

To be honest the price doesn’t even matter that much and I usually don't even ask. 💸

Based on the shop reputation and booking list, I know if I can afford it or not.

If I can, I don’t even discuss the price beforehand. 😇

But more importantly, I want someone that’s gonna work with me on the design, give good advice and help me get the best piece possible, in the right place. 🤗

Not someone that is gonna rush it because he’s not gonna make much money on it. Or force them to do a style that they don't like.

You need someone that will take his time, do it well, and get paid accordingly. 💰

So this time I went to see my friends at Reminisce Tattoo Shop.

reminisce tattoo shop bangkok front

Reminisce Tattoo Shop in Bangkok

This place is a special Tattoo Shop for me.

First, they're friends of friends. 👫

As I said, I only go to shops where some people I’ve met already get inked. 😉

I’m not a big risk taker when it’s about tattoos. I want to see their work in real life, see the quality of the ink on the skin and how it aged. Only then I say if I like it. 😇

With Reminisce Tattoo it was easy. I know them, I had dinner with them, they tattooed my friends, they taught me some Thai ahah. I know it’s the right place for this one. 🔥

When you go there, you’ll find 2 guys:

Pai, the assistant, that help with the Tattoo, bookings, the edit…

And Teu, the tattoo artist.

Teu over the years have become an expert in a lot of styles.

He adapts to a lot of requests, and as a results, learn so many types of drawings. ✍

Just check out his Instagram and Facebook Page to see all the different types of tattoos. It’s impressive. 😁

My Bangkok Tattoo

So finally, here they are. My 2 tattoos.

First one is a Monkey. The same one as in the MojoSons Logo.🐵🐵

Second one is “Do More” with 3 dots, made with the same font as MojoSons logo.

Does it mean MojoSons forever. Yes and no.

It’s more about what I learned about myself, business and life while we built the business.

But that’s also a story for another time. 🤓

As I said, for me a tattoo is never about the price, I didn’t even discuss it with them. As I did for my previous ones. But if you’re wondering, I paid 4,000฿ for the 2.

Is that expensive? Or cheap? I know in France it cost at least 80+€ usually depending on the sop. So I guess it’s not a bad deal.

fayamatt monkey tattoo bangkok fayamatt do more tattoo bangkok

Wanna get a tattoo in Bangkok?

Go stop by Reminisce Tattoo say hi to Teu and Pai. Great place to get Inked in Bangkok.


Reminisce Tattoo

Looking for a Tattoo Shop in Bangkok?

You’re already tattooed? Looking to getting tattooed in Bangkok?

Feel free to drop a comment or send me a message on Twitter if you got any question.

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