Bucket List : Keep your goals in mind

You need to make sure you're always thriving for more and moving toward your goals.

That's why back in 2016 I started to write my BUCKET LIST!

Now my target is to strike ✅ one thing off this list each month and to write about it !

PS: It's a never ending list, it will get bigger overtime.

PPS: Click on any link on the list to get more details about it 😉

fayamatt yacht beer pattaya

Goals I already achieved


My Bucket List:

Just for Fun

Travels Dreams

International Parties / Events

Learning New Skills

  • Learn how to play a song with a guitar.
  • Put together a party with over 100 people.
  • Be a Dj for a night.
  • Speak fluently Spanish
  • Speak some Thai
    • BONUS: Speak fluently Thai (now that I live here.)
  • Win a Live Poker tournament (min 500$ buy-in)
  • Win an Online Poker tournament (min 500$ buy-in)


fayamatt djsnake live paris palais tokyo
Notice how happy I am to to the Hell sign to House Music Concert #dumb

Live Performances / Concerts

fayamatt millionnaire kip laos

Business / Financial Goals

  • Buy a bar
  • Grow MojoSons to a million $ business
  • Make Money as an Influencer
  • Build recurring income with my Blogs
  • Make over 5k $ in 1 month
  • Make over 100k $ in 1 year
  • Have over 1 million $ in my bank account

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