My go to Barber Shop in Bangkok

As a guy, there's only 2 things you need to keep your look sharp, a place to workout and a good Barber Shop. 😎

We're so lucky, most of us don't use/need make-up, waxing, creams... like girls would.

Anywhere we go, we just need the best barber shop and a place to do pushups to look our best. (because yes, we are all good looking) 😋

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Get a Haircut in Bangkok

It’s the same problem every time you move to a new place or travel.

You often get a hard time finding the right Barber Shop to get your favorite haircut.

And if you don't know anyone in the area, good luck to find the Barber Shop you need. We all know how much of a real pain in the ass it can be and what it's like to end up with a shitty haircut. 😋

I've been in Bangkok since 2016 and I've tried a bunch of Barber Shop Bangkok. 💈

If like me you don't speak Thai, don't try to cut corners and go for the cheapest one you can find. Because there's no way the staff is gonna speak english there. 😆

I've been there and tried it, even with a few words of Thai and a lot of gestures to explain what I wanted plus a few pictures, it was far from a success. 😞

Finally I raised my budget from 250฿ to over 500฿.

I've explored the area around where I work (Thonglor/Ekamai, along Sukhumvit road).

And after checking a lot of Hipsters/Trendy Barber Shops I finally found the right Haircut in Bangkok. 🤗

barber shop bangkok fayamatt

Tew’s Barber Shop Ekamai

Tew's the right balance between Hipster and Thai Barber Shop.

They got great staff and it's still pretty inexpensive. The haircut, is sharp and you get a bottle of water or a beer and… a shampoo and face massage.

For the Price of a regular haircut in a Europe, you got a proper one hour pampering and the guarantee of a great look. 😉

That's what so good about Thailand, the quality of services make your life so much better!

I still want to try different Barber Shop Bangkok but Tew's Ekamai will still be my go to. 💈

It's also the one I recommend to all my friends that visit  Bangkok or those who need to stay on top of their game for Instagram and don’t want to take any risks. 😊

Tew's Barber Shop Ekamai Facebook

Price ✂: 600฿

What is the Best Barber Shop in Bangkok for you?

Let me know in the comments so I can try it out and drop you a review.

Until then, get a fresh haircut at Tew’s Barber Shop and go party hard in Bangkok! 🔥💈

tews barber shop ekamai fayamatt

2 thoughts on “The Best Barber Shop in Bangkok”

  1. On the basis of your recommendation, I tried Tew’s Barber shop.
    I was elated by the haircut I received. Thanks for taking the time to give such a thorough review.

    1. Hey Michael, glad you had a good experience. I’m going there this afternoon. Always have a great service, they even offer you a nice cold beer if you ask nicely 😁

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