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I'm Mojomatt, a French Expat in Bangkok, event planner, ex-bartender, future digital nomad, gym addict, alcoholic...

I’m all about business, learning new stuff, new technologies, fitness, travels, crazy parties, quality drinks and having the best lifestyle. Then sharing stories about it!


I’m a Rum Lover, Cocktails Enthusiast, Fun Seeker, Party Maker, Hectic Traveler and Red Bull Blogger...


Thanks to travels, Tequila, Rum and a lot of energy drinks I went on a lot of adventures that taught me invaluable things about myself and life. With that came a lot of unexpected events. I’ve made endless good decisions but mostly bad ones (a lot more bad ones that good ones) that led me to where I am and who I am today.

This blog is where I share my tips, tricks and experiences to entertain but also inform so you can avoid some mistakes I've made and replicate my successes. Here's what I talk about in my blog:

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Lifestyle Stories and Tips

Think you need a gym to workout? Beats By Dre at 200$ to have good quality headphones? That you’re too shy to talk to girls? There’s so much bullshit out there that it's hard to find the right answer.

I thought the same too. And I wish I would have save a lot of time and money by reading more blogs and listening to people. You don’t need to be great at everything or a genius to figure things out.

You just need to find people that had the same problem or story and copy what worked for them. Today internet is giving us the answers, we just have to dig for it.

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Travel Stories and Tips

I love traveling and I hope to do it a lot more in the upcoming months and years.

Even though you got a ton of information online, it always comes back to the same "boring" stuff. The main buildings to see, places to visit, sponsored activities, touristic beaches...

So I’m gonna share stories about what I like in travels. Culture, people, bars, restaurants, unique places, drinks, drinks, drinks… you won’t read much about Shopping or Museums here, but you’ll probably learn more on “What French Rum to drink”, “How to survive the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan” “Why you should be careful with Caipirinhas in Brazil” and more other fucked up travel tips than in any other blog!

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Where to Party? What to drink?

Not what you’re looking at when you travel? That’s the first thing I want to know when I visit a new place. Where I can find great parties and good drinks.

I guess that’s because I’m an ex bartender, bar manager and proud Spirit and Cocktails lover (also called alcoholic) that I’m a pain in the ass to please. So I’ll tell you what I recommend and what I think you should drink wherever you go.

Now I can add “contributing to my blog” to my list of excuses for drinking. We all got a good dozen ones. We both know it. Don’t lie.

I’ve also got a party/event planning company in Thailand called MojoSons Events were we organize epic parties for awesome people !

And after answering thousands of questions each year about What to drink, Where to Party, How much it cost, How much should I pay for a girl, Is He/She a Ladyboy (Ok I’ve been in Thailand too long ahah)... I’ve some useful insights and stories to share if you plan on visiting Thailand.

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Mental Health and Men's Health Issues

Last part but not least. I really want to write more on the difficulties that I’ve faced, the ones that I’ve overcome and the ones that I still struggle with. Health issues, mental health, anxiety, doubts, stress, the pressure of running a business…

Life is not what you see on Instagram, please, always keep that in mind. I’m living a crazy life, I’m blessed. I’m healthy, I can make a decent living, I’ve got good friends, a fun life, a bright future (ok, I invented this one)...

Behind that there’s real struggles. It’s not only boobs and booze. Like everyone else, we have major issues and problems we don’t share online. But they exist. I didn’t share my panic attacks, my suicidal thoughts, self destructing choices… Life ain’t white or black!

Even though that’s no glamorous and probably won’t attract a lot of you, I’m gonna write about it. If that helps one person out there, a friend or maybe you, it’s worth it.

Thanks for reading! Now, seat back, have a drink and enjoy. There's more to come.

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Mojomatt in a few lines:

🐒 Co-Owner of MojoSons, organizing crazy private parties in Thailand.

🏖👨‍💻Future Digital Nomad, working on making part of my income online to have more flexibility.

🎉 Pro Fun Haver, or party addict and alcoholic, call it whatever you want.

🍸 Cocktail and spirit lover, for real, I love everything around good drinks.

🇹🇭 Living in Bangkok, because where else do you want to live?


What about you? Let’s connect!

You can find me on every social medias @themojomatt, message me on Twitter if you want to connect or meet.


For Business Enquiries and if you've an (Good) Alcohol/Product you want me to promote? HIT ME UP !!

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