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I'm an entrepreneur, co-founder of MojoSons Events in Bangkok.

I'm also an aspiring Digital Nomad, Sprits and Wine Expert and Drinks Influencer.

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Expat Life in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a hell of a city.

I moved there in 2016 and I still can’t get enough of this city.

Rooftop Bars, a vibrant cocktail scene, lots of clubs, 30° all year long, cheap and amazing street food, an endless list of restaurants and cafes, cheap transportation, cheap flights to all over Asia… and I can keep going on forever.

But as an expat, it’s not always sunshine and unicorns.

The hassle with the visa(s) (and which one to get), learning to read Thai (and speak a little), the cost of living, start and run a business in Thailand… there’s a lot to talk about here.

Travel & Party

Clearly, for me, one doesn’t go without the other.

Sure, I love to understand the culture of the places I’m visiting and to learn about history but as soon the sun goes down the party animal in me wakes up.

In this part of the blog I’ll be sharing some tips for each destination I've visited but also recommendations on where to drink and party.

With MojoSons I had the chance to meet of lot of people who love to party at least as much as I do and I’m planning on visiting as many of them as I can whenever I got the chance.

And as I’m getting closer and closer to be a "digital nomad", I’m gonna spend more of my time and money to cross every line off my bucket list.

That means more travel and parties to come.

MojoSons and life as an entrepreneur

I started MojoSons Events in 2016 with a friend.

Then soon I realized that running a business was a hell of a roller coaster (I was really naive).

I have and I’m still learning a lot about the entrepreneur life, marketing, how to deal with challenges…

Best thing about this business is all the crazy stuff we have the opportunity to do and the people we meet :

On the side and also for that business, I'm learning a lot about online marketing, affiliate marketing, Facebook and Instagram, GoogleAds, Blogging, SEO…

I see that as a way to grow a brand and a business but also to survive in a constantly changing environment.

Really interesting journey digging what I believe is gonna keep changing the world in a crazy way.

My goal for 2019 is a to make a sustainable income with affiliate marketing and grow my personal brand to diversify my income.

And of course I'll be sharing my journey here on this blog.


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